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James Deeth and Soren Jensen in Brighter Whiter
'Brighter Whiter & The Gift' premiered at the Melbourne Comedy Festival in 2011. 'Brighter Whiter' was directed by Iris Gaillard and Jason Cavanagh directed 'The Gift' 

The shows featured Sarah Hamilton, Laura Hill, Genevieve Giuffre, Heidi Valkenburg, Elliot Cyngle, James Deeth and Soren Jensen.

‘That Noack is able to introduce so many characters in half-an-hour is testament to the quality of the writing on offer here... Overall this is a fantastic hour’s entertainment easily worth the price of entry.’ -Crikey

‘The two short plays proved themselves a worthy inclusion as part of the Comedy Festival lineup, providing the audience with a steady stream of laughter for 60 minutes.’ -Theatre People

'Noack has talent: his work is tight, well-paced, thoughtfully structured. ' -Cameron Woodhead

Sarah Hamilton, Laura Hill, Genevieve Giuffre, Heidi Valkenburg and Elliot Cyngle in The Gift.

Banana Republic premiered at the Melbourne Fringe in 2012. It was directed by Iris Gaillard with a set design by Avi Wanano and Sound Design by Mark Schultz.  The production festured Andi Snelling, Matt Furlani, Scott Jackson and Alex Duncan.

'A hugely funny show.' - The Opera Boys

'Banana Republic is a fresh, idealistic play about big personalities with big ideas splashing the audience with a steady stream of laughs.' - Same Same

'A fun-filled ride with an incredible cast' - Clare Pickering @ Aussie Theatre

'Banana Republic is a tasty hour of laughs, with plenty of ideas to chew on once it’s over.' Mileta Rein 

Gingerbread is currently in development. Scenes have been read through Naked Angels Tuesday at Nine and at a reading conducted by Australian Made Entertainment.

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