I have written and directed a variety of independent projects and have worked with camera and lighting departments on productions including Where the Wild Things Are, The Pacific, The Knowing, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark and I, Frankenstein.

I directed Twenty Five Cents as part of the Australian Film Commission Raw Nerve Program. The film starred Elspeth Ballantyne, a veteran Australian actor well known to audiences from her early role as Meg Jackson in the television show ‘Prisoner.’ The film premiered at the 2007 St Kilda Film Festival and went on to be awarded 'Best Editing in an Australian Short Film' by the Australian Screen Editors Guild.

On Repeat

Writer / Director  ’Twenty-Five Cents’                                  
Writer / Director  ‘The Miracle’
Writer / Director   ‘Cold Call’                                 
Writer/ Director    ‘On Repeat’   

The Miracle