As a copywriter I have an eye for detail, an ability to work under pressure and the ability to adapt quickly. My skills include writing natural sounding dialogue and a proficiency in generating succinct documents and communications.

My plays BrighterWhiter &The Gift were performed as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival and Banana Republic premiered through the Melbourne Fringe Festival. My short play White Christmas featured in New York Madness and Apple Martini was performed as part of the the Sticky season at Beauty Bar in Brooklyn. I've also written a number of film and video projects.

I edited the literary journal Visible Ink while studying Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT University and my first novella Eaglemont was published through Ginninderra Press in 2009. 
I love getting into the outdoors and hike or mountain bike when I can. I like being up mountains, in winter or summer. 

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Banana Republic @ Melbourne Fringe Festival

In Banana Republic a group of young friends turn their living arrangements on their head when they start up a commune at home. Things go off the rails when one of the flatmates starts online stock trading with the communal money and the house suffers its own version of the GFC. 

Written by Anthony Noack. Directed by Iris Gaillard. Set design by Avi Wanono
Featuring Andi Snelling, Scott Jackson, Alex Duncan and Matt Furlani.

 Melbourne Fringe festival. 26th September - 7th October. 7pm
@ The Owl & The Pussycat, 34 Swan St. Richmond

'Banana Republic is an extremely clever satire on modern economics, politics, media, and the moral confusion of Generation Y. It brings a light touch to these weighty topics with plenty of deft wordplay and sight gags.' - Mileta Rein

Comedy Festival

Brighter Whiter & The Gift were performed as part of the 2011 Melbourne International Comedy Festival.


‘That Noack is able to introduce so many characters in half-an-hour is testament to the quality of the writing on offer here... Overall this is a fantastic hour’s entertainment easily worth the price of entry.’ -Crikey

‘The two short plays proved themselves a worthy inclusion as part of the Comedy Festival lineup, providing the audience with a steady stream of laughter for 60 minutes.’ -Theatre People

'Noack has talent: his work is tight, well-paced, thoughtfully structured. ' -Cameron Woodhead


You can now download Eaglemont in a convenient ePub format from the iBook store.

It's also available through Smashwords and affiliated eBook sellers.

Etchings. Love & Something

Ilura Press have launched their journal Etchings 9: Love and Something. I went along to hear Adam Elliot, of Harvey Crumpet fame, launch the book to a sweltering gallery above Brunswick St.

Despite the heat, it was a fun night and the book looks great. A small poem of mine happens to be featured in it too.

You can check out a review at

or another one by Angela Meyer at

Good Grammar

I’m the product of my education, grammatically speaking. For me, like manywho were educated after slate and chalk became unfashionable, as far as English grammar was concerned, a conjunction was a planetary event occasionally mentioned in the astrology column, and a split infinitive was something to do with Star Trek. I think Scottie used one to power up the warp drive in series three. Oncethe basics of doing, naming and describing words had been covered, my high school English classes were devoted to over-analysing and over-acting Shakespeare. Along the way we wrote some short stories and somehow picked up the grammatical rules we needed in order to be understood.

This system developed in the progressive atmosphere of the swingin’ sixties. Educators who had suffered through the drumming of archaic rules into their heads as children, used the spirit of the times to re-imagine the school system. Creative writing henceforth became the tool through which grammar was to be learnt, providin…